Howdy! In this post we’ll be taking you through the time-tested steps of eliminating beard itch. Cowboys dealt with this issue too as beard and moustache popularity grew and it became a symbol of regality.


1. Use products designed to address beard itch.


This one may seem simple, but it’s most important on the list and the answer can easily get misconstrued. All beard products DO NOT cure beard itch. Each individual product has its own benefits whether it’s moisturizing, conditioning, strengthening, styling, shaping, and all else in between. Snake Oil (or beard oil) is the best product to cure beard itch. Snake Oil is designed to penetrate the hair into the skin, and even deeper into the hair follicles. Beard itch is a problem of the skin underneath the beard not being treated—often because as the beard grows, it pulls the oil we naturally produce away from the skin and leaves it dry and malnourished. So why Snake Oil? Well, not every beard oil is designed to penetrate through the hair—some beard oils are thick and heavy and are more of a topical use oil, instead of a product designed to get deep into the skin. Our lightweight Snake Oil easily slips through the hair into the skin where it does it’s magic.


2. Make sure the products you are using have ingredients that directly help the skin.


Some ingredients such as Castor Oil have a tough time getting through to the skin due to their thickness. Some of the best oils for skin treatment are Jojoba and Grapeseed oil. Jojoba, in fact, closely resembles the natural oil that your face produces. Argan Oil is a great feeling oil, but primarily will help with softening and strenghening your hair. Make sure the products you use have the same intention that you do, partner!


3. Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate.


The most effective way to hydrate your skin from the inside out is to drink water regularly. The skin cells underneath the hair need water and lots of it. Although great products are going to make a big difference, it’s important to attack the issue from all angles. 


4. Trim your beard.


I know, that’s heresy and we deserve to sit in the jailhouse for a bit to think about what we said. We’re sorry but it’s true—if you began treating your beard properly after you got some considerable length, trimming your beard will be an effective way to get rid of some of the dry beard hair and will more easily allow you to apply product. Don’t think of it as a step back, think of it as a step reverse...


5. Protect your beard from the elements.


If it’s mighty cold out, consider using a Salve or a balm to shield your beard from the cold. Just like chapped lips, your skin is worse for the wear when it’s exposed for long lengths of time to the cold. Take extra steps to ensure that your skin and beard are warm and fuzzy.


I hope we were able to help, partner. If ya have any questions, shoot us an email and we’ll see if we can provide some further advice specific to your situation. Check our trading post (shop) for all the best products in order to get a beard worth a gunslinger, yeehaw!