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How To Manage A Curly Beard

How To Manage A Curly Beard

How To Manage A Curly Beard


Howdy, partner!  Sounds like you have a mighty curly beard and you want to know the best ways to control those curls.  We’ll be giving you some useful tips on how to straighten your beard and getting the best out of your man-mane.


  1. A beard straightener


If you’re dead-set on a straight beard, your best bet is to take a shot on a beard straightener.  There are multiple types of straighteners, and the one you’ll want to be using for your beard is one with a low heat that won’t damage your hair follicles.  Yes, you could use a traditional hair straightener, but oftentimes if they are not designed for beards, you could reverse the progress you’ve made in using top notch products.  On the market today, you can find a heated beard comb that will do the trick, we’ve linked a few below to check out (we’re not affiliated with any, we just want you to get some impressive results).


2. Comb + Hair dryer


Want to avoid the cost of a new tool?  No worries--dampen your beard and comb through it slowly and thoroughly using a hair brush and applying light heat to your beard.  This will help manage some of your curls and give you a more straight look to your beard.  Make sure to let the brush do the work and to be gentle with your beard throughout the process.  Apply some salve or a stronger wax-type product to your beard in order to slow the process of re-curling.


3. Use a strong-hold wax


As of the release of this blog, we don’t offer a strong wax for beards--although we’re hard at work making one.  There are a few you can find on the market, and applying this to your beard can undue some curls if they aren’t too intense.  However, we highly recommend you follow one of the first two steps before doing so as the beard has a mighty ferocious ‘will,’ and it will curl again in time.


4. Keep your beard moisturized and soft


Many curls that occur in the beard can stem from dryness and lack of good product.  Following our protocol of washing with a beard wash that contains oils, applying Snake Oil (or any light weight beard oil) regularly, and finishing your beard off with a Salve is going to make your beard noticeably softer and more importantly, healthier and stronger.  Keeping your beard moisturized and conditioned daily is going to give you a more manageable beard in general--and this is particularly important if you are trying to minimize beard-curl.


5. Be mighty grateful


Are you sure you want to get rid of those luscious locks?  I have a straight beard myself (Howdy, I’m Matt) and I wish I had a curly beard.  Curly beards are often the envy of men with straight beards.  If I could trade with you I would--so if you find your beard is dead-set on remaining curled, take pride in the fact that you have a beard that resembles the men of Ancient Greece (also where Beard Oil was possibly invented!).  You’ve got a big, thick, man-mane and you’re the reason we will eventually write a blog-post on how to make your beard more curly (cause ya look so damn good, partner).


Thanks for checking Dodge City out and I hope we were able to provide some value to you.  Whatever your beard shape, you’re a Dodge City Man in our eyes.  Risk is the reward!



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