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Summer's Coming: How To Take Care of Your

Summer's Coming: How To Take Care of Your

Summer's Coming: How To Take Care of Your Beard

Howdy partners! The ball in the sky is making things awfully hot round these parts--so we wanted to help all of your cowboys keep your beard in tip-top shape during the summer season.  Follow these tips to maintain your mane and carry yourself like a gunslinger!


  1. Keep hydrated


Now this is a tip that works even if you don’t have a beard.  But for you bearded fellas, it’s especially important.  As it gets hotter, your beard hair will begin to dry out more regularly--keeping hydrated will increase the flexibility and strength of your hair which will lead to less breakage.  The skin cells underneath your beard are made up of roughly 90% water, so give ‘em what their made of!


2. Snake Oil is your friend


Although we always recommend using the full gamut of beard products to keep your beard lookin’ sharp--this summer season it’s very important that you load up on the beard oil.  Similarly to the water, regularly moisturizing your beard and the skin underneath is going to reduce breakage and prevent your beard from drying out.  Any beard oil that contains carrier oils with low fatty acids will work--check out our Snake Oil selection for a light beard oil.


3. Use a hair-friendly sun screen


We’re well aware you won’t be staying inside all summer, and we also don’t recommend it.  You’ve got cattle to herd and trips to the Saloon that are downright necessary.  What we do recommend however, is a hair-friendly sunscreen that won’t weigh down your beard hair or make it too greasy.  Don’t worry cowboy, we did the research for you:


4. Wash often


Time to lather up, cowboy.  If you’re a man, you sweat.  We’ll all be finding ourselves with a sweaty and sticky beard at some point this summer.  There’s no way around this one, it’s up to us to maintain that great beard by washing it often.  If you find that you are washing too often and your beard begins to dry out, consider rinsing your beard out thoroughly with water without using soap every other day.


5. Trim it?


I know.  How could we suggest such a thing?  It’s true, we prefer you keep your beard, but more than anything we just want ya to be happy, partner.  If shaving some of that man-mane off your face will do the trick, then rock a lighter beard during these summer months and come back even stronger during the Fall.


Hope we helped give you the tips to be a true Casanova this summer.  Enjoy the warm weather.  Yeehaw!

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