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Why Your Beard Is Begging for Grapeseed Oil

Why Your Beard Is Begging for Grapeseed Oil

Why Your Beard Is Begging for Grapeseed Oil



It's mighty easy to have a beard, but it takes a lot more work to make it look good and feel good.  A right proper beard is moisturized daily, kept clean, looks well kept, and most importantly has a strong foundation of healthy skin and pores underneath.  This is where grapeseed oil comes in!


What is grapeseed oil and how does it help?

Grapeseed oil, as you probably guessed, is oil extracted from the seed of grapes.  Just like olive and avocado oil, it’s such a clean oil that it also has health benefits when cookin’ with it.  Grapeseed oil in particular has a few distinguishing features such as moisturizing the skin, tightening pores, reduces the appearance of scars, gives overall balance of color to the skin, and also removes makeup.  However, if you’re trying to remove makeup, you might be in the wrong place in general, partner. Grapeseeds’ real kicker is that it has a low fatty acid content. Now we don’t want to get to scientisty with ya, but what that means is that it’s a light oil (low density) which means that instead of the oil sitting on top of your beard all greasy-like and eventually evaporating, grapeseed oil gets into the skin and pores so you get the maximum benefit.


This is why we use grapeseed oil.  Because you can’t build a skyscraper on unstable dirt, you need a strong foundation for that great beard, I mean skyscraper.  Grapeseed oil is our primary base in our oil-based recipes for this reason, maintaining healthy skin and hair follicles underneath the beard is going to pay dividends for the future.  Our other oils, such as sunflower oil, are designed to treat the hair, but our grapeseed is our foundation.


Which of our products use grapeseed oil:

We use grapeseed in our snake oil, and beard salve.  Get ready for a non-greasy, great looking beard that you can take to the Saloon with pride.

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