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Shaving accessories

Shaving kit for men

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Pre shave oil softens your facial hair so that you get a clean cut every time.  Shave soap creates a thick lather that provides a close shave with a smooth glide.  After shave tightens your pores and uses witch hazel to remain gentle on the skin.  


Shave Soap transforms a dull morning routine into a memorable kick start for your day.  Shave how the cowboys did with our hot process shave soap--aged for over 6 weeks, it'll protect your skin from nicks and cuts and is scented with a masculine Bay Rum & Musk.


The remedy for razor burn and bumps is here.  Apply Pre Shave Tonic to your facial hair for 30 seconds before applying shave soap to avoid irritation and get a closer shave.  


After Shave Elixir is the perfect finish to a great shave.  Witch hazel gently soothes your skin and treats any nicks or cuts that may occur.  A cool refreshing scent is the perfect compliment to this luxurious after shave.  

The only thing softer than your hair is the hair on our shaving brush. Luxury is not negotiable when it comes to our shaving products, and there’s no better tool than our Shaving Brush to give you the shave you deserve.

Moustache Tar whips your moustache into shape keeping your hairs out of your mouth and makin' your beard look all fancy-like.  Our tar is the shepherd to your moustache hairs, and no worries, you won't have to pre-heat with a hair dryer--Tar is ready right from the get.  Yeehaw!

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