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Great stuff and great service

I’ve been buying the beard oil for years and recently got into the beard salve and I love them! I use them every day. Great scents and work incredibly well at maintaining the scruff all day long. I ordered the expedited shipping and they weren’t able to ship it out in 1 day so they refunded the money ASAP and sent a personal email apologizing. They’re the only folks I buy my beard products from

Great product and service

Just received my combo pack,BlackHeart bourbon scent, its awesome and the wash lathers thick,the oil and salve are not to greasy with a nice hold.Well done boys!

Jeffrey Howard
Beard Combo Pack

Got the Gunslinger fragrance! Love it, wife loves it! Highly recommended for anyone that wants to really maintain their beard!

Casey Jones
Twas the season

I bought the bears combo pack as a gift for someone and they love it as much as I do. I've used other products but nothing gives me the clean soft feel Dodge City product has. I will always recommend anyone that wants a quality beard to at the very least grab a sample of Dodge City products, especially the snake oils. Not to mention the customer service, they treat their customers beyond fair.

Charles S.
Great Products and Customer Service

I’m really glad I found Dodge City Beard products.
After using Dodge City’s products I have stopped using at least 3 different company’s that I had used for many years now (well known brands).
Why ? Their wash, oil and balm are friggin Awesome !!!!! The scents smell great and the products work great.
They ship the orders out quick and the orders arrive fast.
Their packing is really cool and if you have any questions - they are always there to help.
All in all I had an awesome buying experience and I really impressed with how good the products perform.
If you’re thinking about trying Dodge City - hell yeah pull the trigger.

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