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Cindy Breckenridge

The men in my life loved their gift boxes

Only use DC

Shaving kit exceeded expectations 11/10

Landon Buckelew
Hands Down the Best Personal Shaving Experience I've Ever Had

There aren't enough things I can say about this shaving set. I've always hated shaving (that's the reason I started growing a beard in the first place) and currently the only shaving I do is all around my neck. I bought this set when it came out simply because I love and trust Dodge City products and thought "Why not?" It was absolutely the BEST personal shaving experience I've ever had. I actually enjoyed shaving for the first time. It is as close to a professional barber shop straight razor shave as you can get. I have a patch of coarse hair at the base of my neck that I have never been able to completely shave away and always wind up with razor burn for trying. However, with this set I got it the smoothest it's ever been and with absolutely no razor burn. This set is so nice and does the trick. The pre-shave tonic is an excellent prep-step, the shaving soap was born of genius (create your lather IN the tin?) and lathers up nicely and lasts way longer than I thought it would, the brush is exquisite, and the after shave is very close to being string free. All of these combined, along with the wonderful scents, make a truly amazing shaving experience. I'm legitimately considering shaving my beard for the first time in years just to give this set a run for its money, but I have no doubt it will succeed in meeting or exceeding my expectations.

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